International Students

Dear International Student, Welcome!

USC Aiken is the proud host of many international students from a wide variety of countries. We have students from more than 28 countries on our campus, including Canada, Angola, France, Germany, Bermuda, Bahamas, China, Brazil, Argentina, Tanzania, Nigeria and many others. International students are among our most academically and socially successful students and an integral part of our very diverse campus. In this part of the office of global studies and multicultural engagement website you will find information on how to apply for admission at USC Aiken, how to plan for your trip to the United States and the many opportunities available to you for involvement in campus life.

Planning your arrival

There are many things to consider as you plan to travel to the US and to attend USC Aiken. With a mixed set of emotions ranging from excitement to anxiety, the process can become very stressful. Please carefully review the Arrival Information to help you understand the things you need to do to prepare for your travels to USC Aiken and the things you need to do as soon as you arrive on campus.

For the latest information on the upcoming semester, please read the Undergraduate Student Welcome Letter for Fall 2015.

International Student Handbook

In an effort to better help you prepare for your travels to the USA and your stay in Aiken, SC, we have created a handbook with what we think is the most pertinent information you need to have. This International Student Handbook was created to give you a sense of what to expect in the US, in Aiken, South Carolina and on the USCA campus more specifically. Please read it carefully and feel free to contact us if you have any other questions we have not covered.

Friendship Program

To help you better prepare for your arrival to USCA and your adjustment to the US in general, we have created a new program that we refer to as the "Friendship program". Some of our best student leaders have volunteered to become “buddies” to new international students. They can help you as you transition to a new culture, a new campus, and a new way of life. They can answer questions about USC Aiken and the Aiken community, they can meet you at the airport on your arrival and they will be available to help you adjust to the campus and life in the US for at least your first semester. Participating in this program is optional, but we highly recommend you take advantage of it!! Moving to another country, starting classes in another language and a different educational system, and managing everyday life at the same time can be very stressful. A "buddy" can be of great help! 

Services and Programs

The Office of Global Studies and Multicultural Engagement (GSME) provides immigration education and support to USC Aiken international students and their families. Please click here to review immigration information. The GSME also provides a variety of programs to assist international students with their adjustment and integration to USC Aiken, the local community, and American culture.

Apart from the friendship program, the GSME offers a special Orientation Session for international students at the beginning of each semester to outline federal regulations regarding students on F-1 status, to offer advising and guidance regarding the American academic system, and to help students with their cultural adjustment to the American culture and way of life. This is a required session for all new (freshmen and transfer) international students on campus.

During the fall semester, GSME organizes an International Education Week (IEW) filled with programs, presentations and activities to celebrate international education. All students, faculty and staff are encouraged and welcome to participate in organizing programs and events during IEW and our international students are highly involved in preparing an International Festival night filled with music, dances and food from around the world. Please visit our picture gallery to get a glimpse of some of last year’s International Education Week programs and events. If you would like to help with IEW 2015, please complete the form and return to our office.

Student Life

There are more than 60 student organizations on campus that students can get involved in. We encourage all international students to explore and participate in student life and make the most of your stay on our campus community. Participating in activities outside the classroom will help you make friends, enhance and practice your leadership skills and just have fun! Please visit Student Life to find out more about student organization, how you can participate, and how to start your own organization, if you would like.

Important Forms

Application for Immigration
Immunization Form
Statement of Financial Responsibility