Michael St. John
House Manager
Publicity Coordinator

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ETHR 120

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Bachelor of Arts and Fine Arts - University of South Carolina, Aiken


Research Interests

Photography, Design, Marketing,



Michael St. John is a USC Aiken Alumnus.  In 2016 Michael was awarded the Valentini Scholarship to travel Orvieto, Italy to represent USC Aiken and participate in an Italian excavation.  Michael has worked alongside Dr. Robert Alexander and Dr. John Elliott for the publication of Livio Orazio Valentini: An Artist’s Spiritual Odyssey.  His work has been featured by multiple publications including the aforementioned biography, USC Aiken’s annual magazine, and National Wild Turkey Federation’s monthly publication.


He has studied theatre, photography, illustration and graphic design.  During his time in undergrad, he worked for Chet Longley in the University Theatre Scene Shop and Teddy Palmer as an Etherredge Center technician and stage hand.