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Showmanship in Hand

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Course Description

The course is designed primarily to assist instructors who will be training showmanship horses and teaching amateurs and youth to compete in showmanship in hand classes.  The number of showmanship in hand classes is growing rapidly as the competition gains popularity among the biggest segment of the horse industry.

Students will learn the rules and scoring for showmanship classes with an emphasis on developing a winning edge. Breed association and class procedures are examined. Students will learn how to train showmanship horses, and then will focus attention on how to instruct competitors. Grooming the showmanship horse, as well as the competitor’s grooming are essential elements involved in winning competitions.

Course Outline

              I. Leading and Stopping 
                   A. Halter Lead and Fit 
                   B. Body Position 
                   C. Straightness 
                   D. Problem Solving 

             II. Squaring the Feet 
                   A. Body Position 
                   B. Learning the Sequence 
                   C. Problem Solving 

            III. Trotting 
                   A. Body Position 
                   B. Problem Solving 
            IV. Cross Overs 
                   A. The Three Step 
                   B. The Four Step 
                   C. Body Position 
                   D. Working the Judge 

             V. Pivots – Right and Left 
                   A. Body Position 
                   B. Problem Solving 

            VI. Circling 
                   A. Turning While Walking or Trotting 

           VII. Backing 
                   A. Body Position 
                   B. Backing Straight 
                   C. Backing in a Curve 
                   D. Problem Solving 

          VIII. Performing Simple Patterns 
                   A. Using Cones 
                   B. How to Present to the Judge 

           IX. Conditioning the Horse 
                   A. Feed 
                   B. Grooming 
                   C. Health Care 
                   D. Clipping 
                   E. Manes and Tails 

             X. Performing Intermediate Patterns 

            XI. Clothes 
                    A. Hats
                    B. Boots

           XII. Equipment
                    A. Halters
                    B. Leads 

          XIII. Rules, Judging and Scoring a Showmanship Pattern 

          XIV. Performing Advanced Patterns 

           XV. Preparing to Show 
                    A. Grooming 
                    B. Banding 
                    C. Tails 
                    E. Clipping 
                    F. Clothes 
                    G. Warm up 
                    H. Mental 
                     I. Class Procedure