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Rev Up Your Dressage Scores

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Course Description

Anyone who rides competitively wants to improve….not just to win, but to monitor their own progress.  It feels good to know that you've done well; it feels great to believe you are getting even better.

You can work harder, ride more, train longer….but sometimes getting better only means you have to be "smarter."  This is a course which provides some "insider insights" to how you can improve by knowing more, not working harder or training longer.

Course Outline

         1.What Judges Want to See 
                 Technical Precision
                 Classical Dressage Training
                 Classical Riding

         2.Placement in the Ring 
                Arena Dimensions

        3.The "How-To" of Straightness  
                Importance of Straightness
                Circle and Bending Into Straightness

        4.Movement of the Horse 
                Understanding the Meanings of the Movements
                Knowing Equine Biomechanics
                The Correct Use of Your Aids

        5.Common Faults and Fixes
                How to Correct Common Mistakes
                Tips from Top Competitors