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Preparation for Competition

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Course Description

This course takes the student and the horse from six months prior to a horse show, right up to the finishing touches before entering the arena.  Health care and nutrition for competition are examined, with the student designing health charts for accurate records.

Techniques in grooming are covered, as well as putting together a grooming kit and a first aid kit for showing.  Correct clipping and blanketing are explained.

The student learns about mental preparation for horse and rider.  Being prepared is the key to success in the show arena, and when this course is completed, the student will be ready to win!

Course Outline

               I. Six Months From Competition
                    A. Health Care
                    B. Dentistry
                    C. Shoeing
                    D. Feeding
                    E. Keeping Records
                    F. Lights

              II. Four Months From Competition
                    A. Blanketing
                    B. Grooming
                    C. Tail Care
                    D. Training

             III. Three Months From Competition
                     A. Clipping
                     B. Clothes

             IV. One Month From Competition
                     A. Entry Forms
                     B. Travel Out of State
                     C. Stocking the Trailer
                     D. Grooming Kit
                     E. First Aid Kit
                     F. Tack Room

              V. One Week From Competition
                     A. Training the Horse
                     B. Clipping
                     C. Mane and Tail Preparation

              VI. Two Days From Competition
                      A. Working the Horse
                      B. Show Arrival
                      C. Bathing
                      D. Banding and Braiding

              VII. The Day of Competition
                      A. Mental Preparation
                      B. Warm Up
                      C. Last Grooming Tips