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Nutrition for Maximum Performance

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Course Description

This course teaches the fundamentals of equine nutrition. Students will learn the physiology of the equine digestive system, nutrients available in different feeds, and how to apply that knowledge.

Horse nutrition is both an art and a science. Upon completing the course the student will have the basic knowledge needed to properly feed performance horses, helping them reach their potential.  Experience and observation will then be supported by a solid scientific foundation of equine nutrition.

Course Outline

              I. Understanding the Equine Digestive System 
             II. The Six Nutrients 
                   A. Water 
                   B. Protein 
                   C. Carbohydrates 
                   D. Fat 
                   E. Minerals 
                   F. Vitamins 

            III. Forages 
                   A. Types of Plants 
                   B. Pasture 
                   C. Hay 
                   E. Forage Substitutes 

                IV. Grains and Concentrates 
                        A. Cereal Grains 
                        B. Concentrates 

                V. Supplements and Nutraceuticals

               VI.  Know the Numbers 

               VII. Feeding the Future Performance Horse 
                         A. Broodmare Requirements 
                         B. Stallion Requirements 
                         C. Nursing Foals 
                         D. Weanlings 
                         E. Growing Horses 

                VIII. Feeding the Performance Horse 
                          A. Halter 
                          B. Racing 
                          C. Endurance 
                          E. Pleasure 

                 IX. Feeding the “Special Needs” Horse 
                         A. HYPP 
                         B. EPM 
                         C. Laminitis Prone 

                  X. Feeding the Retired Performance Horse 

         Suggested reference book: NRC Nutrient Requirements 2007 Edition