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Equine Reproduction

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Course Description

This course will encompass the fundamentals of equine reproductive anatomy and physiology as a foundation for the understanding and utilization of that knowledge to study and become familiar with the care and management of the breeding stallion and the broodmare.

Management and care of the pregnant mare as well as foaling procedures and complications will be addressed in detail. Immediate neonatal care and postnatal care of the mare and foal will be discussed.

The practical aspects of the overall management of an equine breeding program will be detailed; including the status and practical aspects of artificial insemination, shipped cooled semen, frozen semen and embryo transfer in the industry today. Breeding farm record keeping and analysis will also be examined.  

         Required reading: Manual of Equine Reproduction
                                       (Terry Blanchard, 2nd Edition)

          This book may be purchased at or

          Suggested reading:  • Breed for Success  (R.E. Riley, 2nd Edition)
          Suggested viewing:  • Foaling Fundamentals (video) 

Course Outline

Lesson One: 
                       Equine Reproduction: Terms and Facts
                       Anatomy and Physiology of the Stallion

 Lesson Two:
                       Reproductive Anatomy and Physiology of the Mare

Lesson Three:
                        Manipulation of Estrus in the Mare

Lesson Four:
                        Broodmare Management

Lesson Five:
                        Infertility in the Mare

Lesson Six:
              Pregnancy Diagnosis and Management of the Pregnant Mare

Lesson Seven:
              Fetal Development, Abortion, Induced Parturition and Dystocia in the Mare

  Lesson Eight:
              Neonatal Management and Common Neonatal Diseases
              Orphan Foal Management 
              Foal Management During the First Six Months

Lesson Nine:
              Artificial Insemination – Shipped Cooled Semen – Embryo Transfer

Lesson Ten:
              Breeding Records