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Competitive Longe Line

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Course Description 

Competitive longe line is one of the fastest growing competitions in the horse show world. It combines the elements of a conformation class with the disciplined movement of rail performance, showing off the horse's grace and athleticism at the walk, jog and lope.  Gordon Wadds, trainer of world  champion competitive lunge line horses, takes you step by step through the training process and on to the show ring, with special "insider" tips and tricks to give you the winning edge. This course provides an excellent  foundation for any horse which will go on to rail performance.

            Lesson One: 
                  Choosing the Prospect
                           • Disposition
                           • Conformation
                           • Movement
                           • Bloodlines   

            Lesson Two: 
                           • The Training Location/Round Pen
                           • Lay a Solid Training Foundation
                                       - Basic Halter Training

            Lesson Three: 
                   The First Training Sessions
                           • Teaching the Yearling How to Lunge
                           • The Perfect Circle
                           • Horse Training "Game Plan"

            Lesson Four:
                    Following the "Game Plan"
                           • Teaching the Trot
                           • Teaching the Lope
                           • Teaching the Reverse
            Lesson Five:
                    Moving Out of the Round Pen
                          • The Inside Track
                          • Preparing for the Conformation and Soundness Exam
                                     - Squaring the Horse
                                     - The Pattern

            Lesson Six: 
                    At the Show
                          • Arrival
                          • Grooming
                                  - Clipping
                                  - Tail Extensions
                                  - Bathing
                                  - Braiding and Banding
                                  - Final Pre-Class Touch-ups

The Competitive Longe Line requires a horse (preferably a yearling prospect). The student must be able to make videos and submit them for review.