Course Description

This course provides the information and tools needed to make statistical predictions of the coat colors of foals based on genetic makeup of the sire and dam. Students are instructed in the use of the Punnett Square to predict gene combinations. Tobiano and Overo genes are examined to determine range of color patterns.  Students may be required to provide video (VHS or DVD) of situations with horses....and may be assigned individual projects by the instructor.

Course Outline

               I. Genes and Chromosomes; Predicting Combinations
                     A. How genes perform 
                     B. Using the Punnett Square to make predictions 

              II. Black, Bay and Chestnuts
                    A. How to breed for color 
                    B. Genetic test for red gene 
                    C. What bay foals look like 

           III. Palominos, Cremellos, Buckskins and Perlinos
                  A. Incomplete dominance 
                  B. Cremello gene on black 

          IV. Duns amd Champagnes
                  A. Primitive markings 
                  B. The dun gene on bay 

           V. Sprinkling on the White
                  A. The roan horse
                  B. The gray horse
                  C. The white horse

          VI. Splashing on the White
                 A. The homozygous Tobiano 
                 B. Testing for Tobiano gene 

        VII. The Overo Gene
                 A. Comparisons between Overo and Tobiano 
                 B. Combining Paint genes 
                 C. Lethal whites 

        VIII. The Appaloosa Horse
                  A. Spotted horses in China 500 BC 
                  B. Nez Perce Indians choose selective breeding 
                  C. Four identifiable characteristics