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Train for Western Riding

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Course Description

The flying change of leads is one of the most advanced maneuvers horses perform, making it one of the most difficult to teach, and the Western Riding competition one of the fastest growing. Because it is complicated in timing, cadence and elevation, the basics must be mastered before the first request for a flying change.

The course begins with an understanding of what the flying lead change entails and then proceeds to give you building block exercises to prepare your horse for the flat, smooth, effortless changes needed to win. Nancy Cahill gives you a strategy for performing the class and offers "trouble shooting" advice for things that can go wrong during training sessions. (Nancy's video, Precision In Western Riding, is required viewing and is included when you order the course, at no extra charge.)

Course Outline

                           Lesson 1
                                  1.  What Talents and Abilities Are Needed?
                                  2.  Three Components of the Flying Change
                                  3.  Philosophy of Training

                           Lesson 2
                                  1.  Getting Started
                                  2.  Understanding the Change
                                  3.  Stopping and Backing
                                  4.  Turning

                           Lesson 3
                                  1.  Moving Off Your Leg
                                  2.  Collection
                                  3.  The Side-pass

                           Lesson 4
                                 1.  Hand and Leg Control
                                 2.  Controlling the Forehand
                                 3.  Controlling from the Shoulder Back

                           Lesson 5
                                  1.  Turning
                                  2.  Half Passes
                                  3.  Typewriter Exercise
                                  4.  The Counter-canter

                          Lesson 6
                                 1.  The First Change
                                 2.  "Feeling" the Timing

                          Lesson 7
                                 1.  Making Good Changes

                          Lesson 8
                                 1.  The Anti-Change

                          Lesson 9
                                 1.  When Things Go Wrong

                          Lesson 10
                                 1.  Riding the Line
                                 2.  Cone Strategy
                                 3.  The Pole
                                 4.  Scoring the Class
You will be asked to produce videos showing you performing the exercises on your horse which have been described within the lessons and which you have mastered. You cannot receive a final grade for this course until the videos have been submitted and your training work approved.