Here are a few things that you should keep in mind in order to get the most out of your Writing Room consultation:

Our mission includes providing a "teaching and learning environment for the collaborative discussion of writing so that students may become more aware and independent writers."

Because the Writing Room focuses on student learning, awareness, and independence, Writing Room consultants cannot "proofread" or edit drafts. Rather, Writing Room consultants are trained to help students to become better editors and proofreaders of their own drafts.

As students learn to proofread and edit their drafts and, thus, become "more aware and independent writers," the drafts may contain significant errors. As student writers’ awareness and independence develops, however, the errors on their drafts should decrease.

  1. Make an appointment.
    This will guarantee that there is a consultant available to work with you when you need one.
  2. Have some questions/concerns in mind.
    Consultations are generally limited to 30 minutes, so there will not be time to analyze/correct every problem in your paper, and this will aid in your process of becoming a more aware and independent writer.
  3. Bring in everything you have.
    Bring in your assignment sheet, syllabus, research, writing process (any prewriting that you have done, outlines, drafts, notes, etc.), professor’s feedback, referral form, and/or anything else you have that may be useful in the consultation
  4. Have an open mind about writing and the writing process.
  5. Be conscientious of your schedule.
    The amount of time that you have to work on your paper is an integral part of determining what you will have time to do.