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Office of Distance Learning

Supporting online education and distance learning

Remote Teaching Certification

UofSC Aiken’s Office of Distance Learning is responsible with supporting faculty in all aspects of teaching online providing quality assurance in the use of supported technologies, the Blackboard learning management system (LMS), and promoting deeper knowledge related to online andragogic best practices from an instructional design perspective. Online learning, blended learning, flipped classroom, hybrid courses, and remote teaching all have the common factor in that all of these course modalities rely on technology to ensure learning takes place.

UofSC Aiken’s Office of Distance Learning is now offering a Remote Teaching Certificate Course for faculty interested in transitioning their content online utilizing Blackboard and learning about the best practices and technologies supported at our institution. This Remote Teaching Certification Course will be a self-paced introduction to the basic foundations of online teaching in efforts to provide you the knowledge, skills, and support structure necessary to transition your face-to-face courses to Blackboard in a manner that still meets your course goals and objectives. We will focus on three aspects of online teaching that are vital for success; Communication, Assignment Design and Alignment, and Learning Blackboard and Supported Technologies. The course is designed at a pace to cover three modules over a period of three weeks requiring an approximate time commitment of 15-20 hours to review and complete but you may choose to complete the course at your own pace.

To join UofSC Aiken’s Remote Teaching Certificate Course on Blackboard:

When you enroll, you will now be a student in the course and can engage from a student perspective as the UofSC Aiken’s Distance Learning staff provides a pathway to success through a series of modules, activities, and assessments. The Remote Teaching Certification Course is self-paced but to earn the certificate you must complete the course achieving at least 90% through assignment submissions, discussion participation, and quizzes. If you have questions please feel free to contact me and we hope to engage with you over the summer.

Support for Teaching and Learning Design

The Office of Distance Learning (ODL) is committed to supporting online education and distance learning at USC Aiken for all instructors, faculty, and staff interested in utilizing technology for online learning. Our mission is to promote quality learning experiences for all by providing professional development opportunities, promoting best practices in instructional design, and building a supportive campus network to meet the needs of our online faculty members and students. 

The Office of Distance Learning will continually develop training materials and curate resources to meet the demand and need for competencies related to online teaching and course development associated with the use of tools, technology, and content management. The ODL provides faculty with access to instructional designers, multimedia tools, video recording and editing support, technology training, and external resources that support best practice in online pedagogy and andragogy.

  • Are you an instructor interested in incorporating technology into your courses?
  • Would you like to learn more about Blackboard or the tools we support at USC Aiken?
  • Interested in becoming an online course developer and seeking compensation for designing online courses in Blackboard?

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