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Student Life & Activities

What can students do with their free time?

We, like you, support studying, but we also know that the college experience is about more than just studying. At USC Aiken, we offer a variety of opportunities for students to develop in other areas. 


We compete in NCAA Division II in the Peach Belt Athletic Conference.  We field women's teams in Basketball, Cheerleading, Cross-Country, Dance, Softball, Volleyball, Soccer and Tennis.  We field men's teams in Baseball, Basketball, Cheerleading, Golf, Soccer, and Tennis

Career Services

Career Services would be the place to go for students to get a job on campus. We have two different kinds of work-study jobs. The first is based on your family need, and the other kind is based on the University's need to have a job done. There are plenty of jobs on campus and we encourage students tobegin the on-campus job hunt in early August

DuPont Planetarium

As a part of the Ruth Patrick Science Education Center, the DuPont Planetarium is a fun place to visit for an informative show. 

Etherredge Center for the Fine and Performing Arts

From professional cultural events to plays entirely staffed by our own students, the Etherredge Center is the place for students to develop their cultural taste. Students receive a discount for the events held in this center


For students who enjoy a good game of basketball or some other sport; getting involved in the Intramurals Program can give students another healthy free time experience. 

Office of Student Involvement

This is where students go to learn more about how to get involved at USC Aiken. Regardless of the activity, we offer or may even start an organization for a student's interest. Students learn valuable leadership skills that they will take with them for the rest of their lives.  

Student Media

Student Media is comprised of Pacer Times newspaper and Broken Ink literary magazine. If a student has a flair for the creative with the written word, these publications will interest them. 

Student Organizations

If you click here, you will get to see a description of the over 60 organizations that are available for students to join. We encourage students to get involved and become active in at least one organization based on their interests.

The Wellness Center and Natatorium

To keep off the dreaded Freshman Fifteen, we offer many activities for students to challenge themselves physically. Equipment in the Wellness Center includes a variety of Nautilus cardiovascular and weight machines. We also have a Jacuzzi and sauna available. Our indoor, 25-yard, heated swimming pool is the place to go for year-round aquatic exercise. Students can take classes in water aerobics or a variety of swimming classes.