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Peer Educators

Counseling Center

What are peer educators? How does the program work?

The Peer Educator program was created to promote the best environment for the success of our students. The program provides positive and proactive programming to meet some of the challenges facing students on our campus.

Four paraprofessionals have been hired and trained to assist in the development of students by providing information on healthy life choices through awareness programs, workshops, and outreach. According to published studies, one of the most effective ways to reach students is through peer education. There are many instances in which a student would not seek appropriate assistance from university officials but would seek that assistance from a peer. Therefore, take advantage of the Peer Educator program and get the help you need to be successful.

The Peers:

  • provide workshops and programs on important health issues such as alcohol and drug abuse, date rape, nutrition, sexual assault, and healthy eating.

  • offer one-on-one peer assistance for students.

  • act as a resource for student organizations, classes, athletic teams, and other groups of students about academic and health issues.

  • help promote an atmosphere in which students can honestly and openly talk about issues and then develop responsible habits and attitudes.

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