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BA in Emerging Media

Communication and Emerging Media

About the B.A. in Emerging Media

Cyber literacy and media literacy have never been more critical. Our new Emerging Media BA program focuses on studying new communication technologies.

Studying media from historical, cultural, and ethical perspectives develops a strong understanding of media’s role in our lives and society. This increase in media literacy and experiences gained in graphic design, photography, videography, UX & UI design, social media analytics, and data visualization prepare you as an Emerging Media major to excel when joining the workforce.

Majoring in Emerging Media prepares you to think critically about media creation and media consumption. You will develop the high-demand skills employers desire in journalism, public relations, advertising, and many other professions.

For questions about this degree program, students should contact their advisor or Dr. Jason Munsell at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Core Classes

  • COMM A190: Intro to Communication
  • COMM A241: Public Speaking
  • COMM A332: Writing Across the Media
  • COMM A352: Media and Culture
  • COMM A376: Visual Communication
  • COMM A379: Data Visualization
  • COMM A385: Group Communication
  • COMM A476: Visual Communication II
  • COMM A478: Digital Storytelling
  • COMM A497 OR A499: Capstone