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Research by Department

College of Sciences and Engineering

The College of Sciences and Engineering recognizes the power of hands-on learning as a tool to foster critical thinking skills and provide practical experience to our students.  As such, each department within the college integrates faculty-mentored undergraduate research into their curriculum.  Student internships are also offered in a number of departments and provide a mechanism through which students gain valuable experience within their degree program. 

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Biology and Geology

The Department of Biology and Geology offers students the opportunity to participate in faculty-mentored independent research. Our biology faculty have expertise in a wide range of areas that include behavioral biology, conservation, ecology, environmental toxicology, immunology, molecular biology, parasitology, virology, and wetland/upland ecology. Our geology faculty have expertise in mountain building processes, heavy mineral sand deposits, sedimentology, and environmental geology. Students are encouraged to integrate research into their curriculum, as a way to reinforce and apply the tenets of our sciences. Students participating in our research program are active presenters at state, regional, and national conferences. 

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The Department of Chemistry and Physics is a nationally certified program by the American Chemical Society (ACS). Our department strives to offer curricula of high academic quality and to foster an environment supportive of scholarly activity. Undergraduate research is at the core of the program. In addition to traditional coursework, all students are required to conduct an individual research project, which involves working closely with one of the faculty. Typically, students become involved in research as early as the sophomore year and continue research until graduation. Most students present at regional and national conferences and are co-authors with faculty on publications. Undergraduate research projects span all of the five areas of chemistry: Analytical, Biochemistry, Inorganic, Organic, and Physical Chemistry. Topics range from nanotechnology innovations to novel pathways for catalysis.

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Exercise and Sports Science

The Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science and Sports Science is a challenging major with concentration options in fitness management, basic sciences, and allied health. In fitness management, a six credit hour internship is required and upon completion of the major degree requirements a minor degree in business administration is also awarded. In basic sciences, instruction in research methods is provided and research experiences are available. In allied health, a three credit hour field experience or certification preparation is required. For each concentration, along with classroom instruction, the student is provided with learning opportunities in the Exercise Physiology Laboratory, the USC Aiken Wellness Center, Athletics, and off-campus sites

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Mathematical Sciences

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science (a) provides students throughout the University with training in thinking analytically through problem-solving activities and in communicating effectively using graphical and numeric symbols; (b) provides instruction for a four-year ABET accredited industrial process engineering degree as well as the first two years of instruction for other engineering tracks; (c) provides the mathematical background for pre-service and continuing elementary school teachers and secondary school mathematics teachers; (d) provides Mathematics/Computer Science and Industrial Mathematics majors with background for graduate studies or preparation for careers in the mathematical sciences.

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The Psychology Department encourages and supports undergraduate research through its Psychology Research sequence, PSYC 298, 398, 498, 598, where students may gain research experience under the supervision of a faculty member from the beginning stages of a research project through the successful completion of an independent undergraduate research thesis.

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