Helpful websites for Studying Organic Chemistry

Helpful websites to help you study Organic Chemistry:

(brought to you by our experienced tutors)

The favorite online resource (of our tutors) for organic chem is the Virtual Textbook of Organic Chemistry by Dr. Reusch at MSU.
It is VERY in-depth, but it also includes a TON of practice problems.

Another good university website is at UTexas. It has old tests that you can download and test yourself, and the answers are provided as well. There are also a lot of hints and tips on how to tackle O-Chem. There is a link to one page below, but be sure to explore the rest of the website too!


This is also a very good site for practicing reactions:

Really good site with all sorts of animated tutorials:


This has some neat interactive tutorials on the basics: (click the Tutorials button)


Good site for review of SN1/SN2 and E1/E2 reactions:


Another site with good online practice problems.

MIT's OpenCourse page has lecture notes & practice problems for Organic Chem:


A list of links to other chemistry tutorial sites: