The Department of Chemistry and Physics is housed in the 80,000 square-foot USCA Science building, which is home to both the Department of Chemistry and Physics and the Department of Biology and Geology. This building has two 1000 square-foot greenhouses and seventeen research laboratories. In addition, each faculty member has a private office and his or her own personal laboratory, which is utilized solely for that faculty member’s research interests. 

Analytical instrumentation available to USC Aiken faculty members include:

  • Perkin Elmer AA Analyst 100 Atomic Absorption Spectrometer
  • Perkin Elmer Lamba 35 UV-Vis Spectrophotometer
  • Hewlett Packard Series 1050 HPLC system equipped with UV absorbance and diode-array detector
  • Two Varian CP-3380 Gas Chromatographs
  • Hewlett Packard Series 5890 GC/Mass Spec (HPSeries 5972 MS detector) with an autosample injector
  • Anasazi EFT 60 MHz FT-NMR spectrometer
  • High field NMR spectrometers readily available on USC Columbia campus
  • Two FT-IR spectrometers (Nicolet 4700, Nicolet 380)
  • Jobin-Yvon U1000 Double Monochromator Raman system equipped with a photomultiplier tube (PMT) detector with excitation provided by a 12 W Coherent Innova 70 Argon Ion Laser
  • Renishaw InVia Raman Imaging Microscope equipped with four different excitation lines (488nm, 514nm, 633nm, 785nm)
  • Pine Instruments Model APCBP1 Bipotentiostat
  • A research-grade stereoscope and an Olympus fluorescent compound microscope equipped with digital imaging software
  • Computational server (8-core, 48 GB RAM) with Gaussian09©, Orca, and several other computational packages
  • Custom electron beam glancing angle vapor deposition (GLAD) system.

The University of South Carolina Aiken is a separately accredited senior comprehensive institution within the University of South Carolina system.  This affiliation and the close proximity (50 miles) of USC Aiken to USC Columbia, the primary research campus, brings additional benefits to USC Aiken in terms of research resources. One such resource is the machine and instruments shop at USC Columbia. This resource is available to USC Aiken faculty to assist in their research efforts. An additional benefit of USC Aiken’s affiliation with the USC system is access to library resources within the USC system. USC Aiken faculty also have access to the NMR, Mass Spectrometry, Electron Microscopy, X-ray diffraction, and several other facilities housed on the USC Columbia campus.