B.S. in Chemistry Course Checklists

Master check list of all the courses needed to complete a B.S. in Chemistry at USC Aiken.

Note: Students can always opt to graduate under a bulletin published after their freshman year.

Bulletin Year * Applies to students who entered during the following semester(s)

2018 B.S. Chem

+ Biochem Conc.

+ Engineering Conc.

B.S Chemistry Major Fall 2018 and later

add classes for Biochemistry Concentration

add classes for one of Engineering Concentrations

2017 B.S. Chem.

2017 B.S. Chem. + Biochm. Conc.

Fall 2017 and later
2014, 2015 & 2016 Fall 2014, through Spring 2017
2013 Fall 2013, Spring 2014
2011 or 2012 Fall 2011, any semester of 2012, or Spring 2013
(or earlier w/ permission)
2009 or 2010 Fall 2009, any semester of 2010, or Spring 2011
(or earlier w/ permission)

* Note: Your Bulletin Year is determined by the semester you entered USC Aiken. For example, students who entered during Summer 2014, Fall 2014, or Spring 2015 are under the 2014 Bulletin.

Suggested Programs of Study for B.S. in Chemistry - this is list of what you take each semester.

To complete a Chemistry Degree in 4 years, it is very important that you start your math and chemistry courses right away. LIFE and Palmetto Scholars in STEM degrees add $2500 in their 2nd-4th years IF they take 4 math and science courses in their first year.

  Bachelor of Science in Chemistry Pre-Pharmacy Pre-Medicine

Bulletin Year*

B.S. Chemistry

(math placement score) 

B.S. Chemistry


Biochemistry Concentration

B.S. Chemistry with Engineering Concentration


B.S. Chemistry 3 year program
no degree
B.S. Chemistry

2018 2017

MATH 111 (4) MATH 111 (4)

Materials Sci.


Materials & Instr.

B.S. Chem + Pre-Pharm (4)   B.S. Chem + Pre-Med (5A/5B)

2016  2015

Math 108  (3)

Math 111  (4,5A)

Math 141  (5A/5B)

concentration not available concentration not available
B.S. Chem
+ Pre-Pharm
3 yr
no degree
MATH 141

Math 108 (3)

Math 111 (4,5A)

Math 112 (5B)

Math 141 (5A/5B)

concentration not available concentration not available

Math 111 (4)

Math 112 (5B)

Math 141 (5A/5B)

concentration not available concentration not available Pre-Med

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