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UofSC Aiken Leadership Councils

Office of the Chancellor

To promote inclusiveness, enhance efficiency, expand communication, and facilitate decision-making, several groups work to fulfill the university's mission and achieve its goals as outlined in the strategic plan: the Chancellor’s Cabinet, the Chancellor’s Extended Cabinet, the Chancellor’s Leadership Assembly and Provost’s Council, the Academic Council, and the Dean’s Council.  

The Chancellor’s Cabinet is primarily composed of the individuals who report directly to the Chancellor at the Vice Chancellor level. This group meets regularly to discuss and make recommendations that relate to the overall mission and vision of the institution. Led by the Chancellor, the Cabinet informs and shapes strategic decisions, plans for the future based on input from the various divisions that make up the university.

The Chancellor’s Extended Cabinet is composed of individuals who are not necessarily direct reports to the Chancellor, but whose day to day work has a broad impact on the university’s ability to meet strategic commitments and plans. The Extended Cabinet meets once a month to share critical information associated with the effective management of the university.

The Chancellor’s Leadership Assembly meets twice a semester during the academic year and is intended for the representative leadership of the university to become informed and have a venue to contribute to university-wide efforts, communication updates, implementation of strategic initiatives, and calls to action. It may also be utilized as an opportunity for professional development on topics of broad interest and needs.  

The Chancellor also meets regularly with the Chair of Faculty Assembly and the Faculty Assembly Committee Chairs, with the Chair of Staff Assembly, and the SGA Officers. Additionally, for special initiatives, the Chancellor may appoint taskforces to work on special initiatives or studies.