Working smarter to achieve academic success! 

Have you ever heard the phrase, “work smarter, not harder?” The same applies to studying. The key to success in studying involves developing skills and habits that will help you truly study smarter. Here are some tips to help you study smarter:

Studying Smarter Tactics

  1. Learn the 1:2 rule
  • For every hour you spend in class, you should spend two hours outside of class reading, studying, and completing course assignments.  See chart below
  • Course        #of credit hours study time (based on 1:2   rule) Total hours per week for the course (in and out of class)
    BIOL 101 3 6 9
    MATH 104 3 6 9
    ENGL 101 3 6 9
    HIST 102 3 6 9
    AFYS 101 1 2 3

    *39 HOURS TOTAL STUDY TIME (in and out of class)

  1. Make plans
  • Write the days and times you have classes, work, and other fixed obligations in your planner.
  • Next, see where you have time to study and plan study time.
  • Plan studying to include the tasks you need to do—read, write flash cards, review material, study with classmates, etc.
  1. Study with the proper tools

Get the required tools for studying. For example, for reading you will need: textbook, notebook (class notes, handouts, etc.), pen, pencil, and highlighter.

  1. Get active

As you study, get active with your subject matter. Mark your textbook and notes, and make flash cards to remember important dates, definitions, and concepts.