Internships are professional work experiences that provide you the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills in a particular career area.  Employers will generally hire students with considerable academic experience to assist them in performing daily tasks or to work on special projects.  Some internships award you academic credit upon completion and some don't.  Internships may or may not be paid. 

Types of Internships:

  •  Academic internships allow you to earn college credits while you work.  These are usually unpaid internships, but not always.  Academic Internships must be approved by your academic department.     
  •  Non-credit internships allow you to be placed in a professional setting wherein knowledgeable individuals will work alongside you, monitoring and mentoring you as you work and learn.  You'll be able to add this valuable work experience to your résumé.  

* Internships may or may not be paid.

Watch these intern testimonials to learn about real USC Aiken students' internship experiences.