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College to Career (ASUP 410)

Office of Career Services

Are you ready for life after graduation?

This course will cover the issues students face as they transition from college to the world of employment. ASUP 410 will help you understand:

  • the job search process
  • issues related to employment
  • how an individual's college experience has prepared him/her for life after graduation

ASUP 410 is a one-credit course that runs during the first half of the semester.  Therefore, students can complete this class before they even reach midterms in their other classes. Students must have 75 credit hours to enroll.

"I appreciated how ASUP 410 not only gave us personal assessment tests to show us our strengths and weaknesses, but then taught us how to "match" ourselves to companies and positions we are interested in. The class showed me how to promote myself which helped me obtain the job I currently have. It taught me more about myself, and allowed me to see how to market myself in a job search."

-Kayla Pruitte, May 2014
Bachelor of Arts in Communications