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Department of Biology and Geology

Helping students understand the importance and application of the scientific method

About The Department of Biology & Geology

The Department of Biology and Geology is home to some 250 biology majors, who work with a dedicated and talented group of 15 faculty members, to develop expertise in their chosen field of study. Biology majors have a variety of degree choices, including a Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts, as well as a more specialized Bachelor of Science degree with a concentration in Environmental Remediation and Restoration or Molecular Biology. Students pursuing a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts degree may do so using informal advisement tracks in Molecular/Cellular Biology, Environmental Science, pre-Medicine, pre-Dentistry, pre-Veterinary Medicine, or General Biology. Additionally, we offer a minor in Geology as well as transferable coursework into a Geology major.

Research is an important part of the biology curriculum, and at USC Aiken, biology majors work with a chosen faculty member to develop and carry out independent laboratory projects in a variety of areas. These projects are often long-term, multi-semester experiences that enhance and extend classroom learning, as well as provide a strong background in applied biological techniques. Many of our majors are co-authors on peer-reviewed papers and give presentations at local, state, and regional conferences.

Importantly, the Biology experience at USC Aiken is grounded in coursework supplemented with the actual experience of putting biological concepts into practice in the laboratory. We believe this builds a strong foundation in the science and makes our students highly competitive as they move to the next level of their career.

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Our curricula expose students to the natural world in a wide variety of classroom, laboratory, and field experiences that are designed to foster critical thinking, teach technical skills for solving biological problems, and develop strong oral and written communication skills.

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Biology at USC Aiken

Students may choose a traditional Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree program in Biology, or one with a concentration in either Molecular Biology or Environmental Remediation and Restoration.

We also offer a Bachelor of Science degree program in Clinical Laboratory Science in collaboration with the University Health Care System in Augusta, GA.

Minor in Biology

Non-Biology majors can choose to support their major by completing a minor in Biology.

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Geology at UofSC Aiken

Students may obtain a traditional Bachelor of Science in Earth Systems Sciences, these students then complete a cognate in one of the other major sciences or a minor in another department of study.

Minor or Cognate in Geology

Non-Earth Systems Science majors can choose to support their major by completing a minor or cognate in Geology.

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