Alesha Ray

B.S. in Communications and Minor in Fine Arts, 2012

Alesha Ray states that her greatest professional accomplishment is “becoming a Meteorologist and being able to influence young students who wish to follow in my footsteps.”  

Alesha has made many footprints along her journey.   During her collegiate career as an undergraduate at the University of South Carolina Aiken, she majored in Communications and threw herself into University Life.  She held many influential roles, among them were: freshmen orientation leader, campus tour guide, resident assistant, minority student mentor, student newspaper writer, and was selected Homecoming queen by her peers.  Along the path she was also active in several service organizations and led the way in helping others who were in need.

As she was navigating her way, she credits many professors and staff members who influenced her journey in a positive way.  Those interactions led to her sharing that her professors “didn’t just teach her how to write a well written outline before a public speaking event, they taught her that college prepares you for having intellectual conversations. It teaches you how to converse with people from all walks of life, so completing college is not the end, but the beginning of new chapter.”   

A new chapter began for Alesha as she traveled to Starkville, Mississippi, enrolling at Mississippi State University and obtained a second baccalaureate degree. This time in Meteorology where she learned how to create surface maps, research natural disasters, and gained experience in Television Center and Radio station on campus.

Learning from others and taking advantage of opportunities have been a major part of Alesha’s journey, and thank goodness she has made some lasting footprints of her own.  As she says “all we have to do is be persistent, cherish the good, work through the bad and enjoy the ride until it’s over.”