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Endowed Scholarships

Office of Advancement

About Endowed Scholarships

Endowed scholarships reflect a donor’s commitment to support a scholarship in a specific area or for a specific purpose with a permanent fund. Contributions are invested to ensure the scholarship retains its value in perpetuity, and the scholarships created by the endowment are funded through the income generated by the endowment.

Scholarships may be endowed at USC Aiken with a minimum gift of $10,000. Donors may also contribute to existing endowed scholarship funds.

Giving to USC Aiken affects not only our students, but also our community and the larger world.  As a public comprehensive institution, our mission is to prepare students for success by challenging them to think critically and creatively, to communicate effectively, to learn independently, and to acquire breadth and depth of interdisciplinary knowledge. Gifts contribute to student success and help the University prepare them for careers in a diverse global environment. Today’s successful students are equipped to take their place as tomorrow’s leaders.

Scholarships, program accounts, and endowed chairs are more than just dollars and cents. They are a way for donors to share their personal beliefs, characteristics, and aspirations with students, faculty and staff, and they are a way to give back to the university that gave so much to them.

How to Donate

For more information on making a donation, contact the USC Aiken Advancement Office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 803-641-3334.

How to Apply for a Scholarship

For more information on how to apply for a scholarship, contact the USC Aiken Financial Aid Office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 803-641-3476.

Current Endowed Scholarships

Marian J. Acton Endowed Scholarship
Aiken AMBUCS Scholarship
Aiken Community Theatre Endowed Scholarship
Aiken County Community Association Endowed Scholarship
Aiken High School (AHS) Alumni Endowed Scholarship
Aiken Jaycees Endowed Scholarship
Aiken Partnership Endowed Scholarship
Aiken Sertoma Club Scholarship
Aiken Standard Journalism Scholarship
Aiken Woman's Club Joan Marine Scholarship
Pauline F. and Joseph C. Alexander Memorial Scholarship 
Robert and Vicki Allen Scholarship Endowment
Dean Alverson Endowed Fellowship in Graduate Studies in the Psychology Departmnt
Jeannine S. Angerman Memorial Scholarship in Biology
Professor David J. Anna “Seeker of Knowledge” Endowed Nursing Scholarship
Joan Warrick Arrington Memorial Scholarship
BAE Systems Scholarship Industrial Mathematics
Ken and JoAnn Baldwin Endowed Scholarship in Biology
Elizabeth S. Bell Memorial Scholarship
Robert M. Bell Bicentennial Scholarship
Benjamin Theatre Endowed Scholarship
Alan F. Benton Memorial Scholarship
Alexander R. and Jane C. Boulogne Chemistry Scholarship
Walter J. Bradley Memorial Scholarship
Wade & Sylvia Brodie Endowed Scholarship
Lewis E. & Marguerite T. Brown Scholarship
Michael and Diane Brunson Endowed Biology Scholarship
Eulalie G. Busbee Memorial Math Scholarship
Alexander Bush Memorial Scholarship
Frederick Carl Memorial Scholarship
Harrie E. & Madeline H. Carpenter Scholarship
Harrie and Marie Carpenter School of Business Endowed Scholarship
Jessica Lynne Carpenter Memorial Scholarship
Doc Carr Men’s Basketball Endowed Scholarship
William C. Casper Memorial Scholarship
Center for Lifelong Learning Scholarship
Dr. Henry Chou and Professor Mary Chou Scholarship
Javonte Clanton Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Professor Vicki J. Collins Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Samuel A. Cothran Journalism Scholarship
Todd & Bea Crawford Scholarship
James & Celest Dallas Family Endowed Scholarship
Karli Deloach and Ashley Witherspoon Nursing Endowed Scholarship
David Derrick Memorial Golf Scholarship
George and Esther Dickey Scholarship
Dr. Maggie Thurmond Dorsey Nursing Recruitment Scholarship
Mabel Brodie Eisenhart Chancellor's Scholarship
John F. Elliott Memorial Scholarship
Linda Dianne Endler Memorial Scholarship
Francine English Scholarship
Gertrude Smith Eubanks Memorial Scholarship
Thomas C. & Dorothy D. Evans Scholarship
Jim and Judy Farmer History Studies Endowed Scholarship
Nuita Feibelmann Endowed Scholarship for Theater - Technical Production
Thomas Patrick Ferriter Golf Endowed Scholarship
Dr. Sandra T. Field Vocal Endowed Scholarship
Findley Family Scholarship Endowment
Vernon & Wava Ford Memorial Scholarship
Ray and Heidi Frazier Endowed Scholarship
Betty Miller Galardi Endowed Scholarship
Frank T. Galardi Endowed Men’s Golf Scholarship
Stephen Gardner English Scholarship Endowment
Lonnie A. Garvin Memorial Scholarship
Anna M. Gascoigne Endowed Nursing Scholarship
Johanna Gibbs Basketball Scholarship
Golden Age Music Scholarship
Francis Gosnell Memorial Scholarship
Maureen E. Gruel Endowed Scholarship in Nursing
Hallman and West Families Endowed Scholarship
Lisa Hallman Memorial Scholarship
Mary P. Harrington Scholarship in Nursing
Anne Harrison Scholarship
Jack and Shirley Hasty Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Cynthia New Hatcher, RN Endowed Scholarship
Louis J. Hatcher of Graniteville, SC Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Charles T. Heath, Jr. Endowed Scholarship
Harold and Arzella Henson Biology Program & Scholarship Endowment
Richard & Mitzi Herold College of Sciences Scholarship
Richard & Mitzi Herold School of Nursing Scholarship
Richard and Mitzi Herold Choral Endowed Scholarship
Howard S. Hilborn Endowed Scholarship
Thomas C. Hobbs Memorial Multicultural Endowed Scholarship
Dr. Sandra Hochel Communications Scholarship
Tim and Lisa Hofferth Endowed Scholarship
Thomas and Sarah Hofstetter Music Education Endowed Scholarship
Frank Holmes Golf Scholarship
Trilby C. Huff Memorial Scholarship
Huffer Endowed Scholarship in Education
Vonice B. Hughes Memorial Scholarship
Lois Jean McFadden Hunter Endowed Nursing Scholarship
Elizabeth Ann Hutchins Scholarship in Professional Nursing
Harry and Hilare Inder Nursing Scholarship
Sherri McDaniel Jenik Endowed Scholarship for Special Education
Joe and Georgena Jiunnies Memorial Scholarship
Barry H. Johnson Memorial Scholarship
Jerry R. and Billie Johnson Bicentennial Endowed Scholarship for Engineering and Education
H. Mac Johnston Leadership Award
Linda W. Johnston Nursing Scholarship
Margaret Simonson Jones Memorial Endowed Scholarship
The Jordan Family Endowed Scholarship
Lila K. Joyner Memorial Nursing Scholarship
Donald M. & Leona G. Kaber Scholarship Endowment
Dr. James F. Kauffman Baseball Endowed Scholarship
Janie Hightower Key Book Scholarship
Susan Jane Kiger Memorial Scholarship
Geoffrey & Arlene King Art Scholarship
Geoffrey & Arlene King Music Scholarship
Geoffrey & Arlene King Theatre Endowed Scholarship
William K. Laughlin Memorial Scholarship
Ernestine B. Law Journalism Scholarship
Kay Lawrence Memorial Journalism Scholarship
Anne W. & Robert M. Lewis Recruiter Scholarship
Dr. Jerry Lewis Chemistry Scholarship
Miles & Ann Loadholt Scholarship
William C. Lott Family Scholarship
Dorcey Lybrand Americanism Scholarship
Dr. & Mrs. A. P. Majors Scholarship
James Maldon & Lucile Suther Sprawls Memorial Nursing Scholarship
Dr. I. Wendell Marine Memorial Scholarship in Geology
Charles Thomas Marsh Memorial Scholarship
Dr. William H. Marsh Scholarship Endowment
Sam Marsh Memorial Golf Scholarship
Dr. Alfred L. Marston Endowed Scholarship in Chemistry
Kathleen Marston Endowed Scholarship in Nursing
Deidre Martin Endowed Leadership Scholarship in Communications
JoAnn Maurice Nursing Endowment Scholarship
Thomas F. Maurice Memorial Scholarship
Dennis “Denny” J. Michaelis Endowed Golf Scholarship
James A. Moore Theatre Endowed Scholarship
Rosamond Durban McDuffie Scholarship
Dr. H. M. McLure Memorial Scholarship
J. P. McNair Memorial Banking Scholarship
Jill S. Miller Nursing Scholarship
William K. Miller Scholarship
Millham Memorial Scholarship
George B. Mitchell Endowed Scholarship
Nancy Eller Mowry Scholarship in English
Aubin Mura Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Nursing
June H. Murff Endowed Humanities Scholarship
Sammie Napier Business Management Scholarship
Donald A. Norton Memorial Scholarship
Jerry W. Norton Memorial History Scholarship
Walter F. O'Connell Memorial Scholarship
Luther W. Parnell Scholarship
Luther W. Parnell Women's Soccer Endowed Scholarship
Vicki Ann Parrott - Circle K Endowed Scholarship
Robert E. and Amelia K. Penland Scholarship
Lew Perkins Basketball Scholarship
Doris L. Peters Scholarship
Joyce Harmon Peters Studio Art Scholarship
Dewey Smith Petticrew Memorial Scholarship in Nursing
Phillips Family Mathematical Sciences Endowed Scholarship
Josephine Armstrong Phillips Memorial Nursing Scholarship
Vicki Elaine Phillips Scholarship
Hettie M. Pickett Memorial Scholarship for Nursing
Pirkle Geology Endowed Scholarship
Robert G. and Rose Ann Pistole Endowed Nursing Scholarship
Dawn Bee McFadden Plumley Memorial Scholarship in Nursing
Anna Jo Przybysz Memorial Nursing Scholarship
Lewis and Elizabeth Purvis Endowed Scholarship
E. Preston Rahe, Jr. & Jerry Ann Rahe Study Abroad Endowed Scholarship
James A. & Pauline Smith Randall Scholarship
Paul Reeves, Sr. and Krista Reeve Maria Reeves Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Arthur D. & Dora J. Rich Endowment Scholarship
Dr. John Stanley Rich Scholarship Endowment
Edward and Jeannine Rich Memorial Nursing Scholarship
Margaret Riedell Children's Literature Scholarship Endowment
Coach Bobby Roberts Men's Basketball Endowment
Blanche King Rutland Memorial Scholarship
Leroy Rutland Memorial Scholarship
Sage Valley Golf Club, LLC Endowed Scholarship
Leo H. Sain Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Emma Salley Education Scholarship
Boyd Saunders Art Scholarship
Alice and William L. Shelburn History Scholarship
Jason Sheppard Memorial Endowment Scholarship
Dr. Calvin Smith Endowed Scholarship for History
Dr. Ellen Lott Smith Endowed Scholarship
Dr. Garriet W. Smith Endowed Biology Scholarship
J. Roland Smith Endowed Scholarship
Snelgrove Family Men's and Women's Endowed Basketball Scholarship
Joette Sonnenberg Endowed Scholarship
Mike Snow and Linda Soyars Endowed Scholarship
South Boundary Endowed Scholarship in Music
South State Bank School of Business Endowed Scholarship
Stewart Entrepreneur Scholars
Barbara Rogers Stinson Endowed Music Scholarship
Claude F. Stokes Memorial Scholarship
Clyde Strom Memorial Scholarship
Bertie Shellhouse Taylor Endowed Scholarship
Kenny and Judy Thomas Baseball Scholarship
Robert P. Timmerman Bicentennial Scholarship
Steven Andrew Tolson Memorial Scholarship
Leonard D. and Norma C. Toner Endowed Scholarship
Betty M. Toole History Scholarship
Doris Morgan Toole Veterans and Military Student Success Endowment Scholarship
Emilie A. Towler Psychology Scholarship
Oscar A. Towler Math Scholarship
Town & Country Club Scholarship
Martha E. Unkel Memorial Scholarship
USC Aiken Alumni Association Student Involvement Scholarship
USCA Alumni Endowed Legacy Scholarship
USCA Asian American Scholarship Endowment
USCA Biology Endowed Scholarship
USCA English Faculty Scholarship
USCA English Honor Society Scholarship
USCA Scholarship (Swint Foundation Scholarship)
USCA School of Business Admintration Retired Faculty Scholarship Endowment
USCA Student Nurses Association Scholarship
Valentini-Partners in Friendship Endowed Scholarship
Austin Van Zile Engineering Endowed Scholarship
Arthur and Vivian Verenes Scholarship Endowment
Stathy Verenes Memorial Scholarship
T. J. Voss and Charmaine E. Wilson Communication Endowed Scholarship
Niren, Urmila & Jaya Vyas Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Richard M. & June F. Wallace Memorial Scholarship
Theron Wallace Memorial Scholarship in Psychology
Douglas R. “Randy” Warrick Athletic Scholarship
Robert K and Janet M Weaver Science Endowed Scholarship
Chris Whitlaw Memorial Journalism Scholarship
Dr. Charmaine Wilson Endowed Scholarship
Kimberly Wood Woeber Endowed Scholarship
Women's Life Care Center Scholarship
Almena Preacher Woodward Scholarship In Nursing
Elita Hyde Woolsey Memorial Scholarship in Nursing
Dr. Samuel Zwerling Memorial Nursing Scholarship