The Aiken Partnership was established in 1980 as an affiliate of the USC Educational Foundation. All funds raised by the Aiken Partnership are handled and invested by the USC Educational Foundation but returned to USCAiken for the University's use. The general purposes of the Aiken Partnership are to further the institution’s quest for excellence in all areas and to support those programs that are inadequately funded or that are not funded at all through the normal channels of state appropriations.

Executive Committee

Paul Deason Key Spears Inman
Paul Deason
Savannah River Nuclear Solutions
Vice President
Monica Key
Jeff Spears
First Community Bank
Bill Inman
Aiken Electric Co-Op


Alexander  Ansede Arthur Driscoll
Robert E. Alexander
USC Aiken (ret.)
Scott Ansede
University Health Care System
Ansermo Arthur
Carolina Heart and Vascular Center
Mary Driscoll
USC Aiken
Ebner Foster Glass Hallman
Gail Ebner
Tom Foster
Savannah River Remediation
Dara Glass
BWX Technologies, Inc.
Thomas Hallman
USC Aiken (ret.)
Heath Heaton Johnson Jordan
Scott Heath
Aiken Pest Control

Zoom Heaton
TLC Medical Center
Tom Johnson
Sandra Jordan
USC Aiken
MacVean Massie Medlin Munns
Stuart MacVean
Savannah River Remediation
Vaughan Massie
Carolina Musculoskeletal Institute
Kristen Medlin
USC Aiken Alumni Council
Chuck Munns
Neely Osbon Priest Reynolds
Scott Neely
SCANA Corporation
Rick Osbon
Osbon Cleaners
Ellen Priest Vance Reynolds
Aiken Regional Medical Center
FWToole GLToole Wilson young

Frampton W. Toole III
Toole & Toole

Gasper L. Toole, III
Toole & Toole

Charmaine Wilson
USC Aiken
Thomas Young, Sr.
Allstate Insurance