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Books on Teaching and Learning

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Creativity and Innovation in Education

Conferences on Teaching and Learning

College Teaching

Gregg-Graniteville Library Resources on Teaching and Learning

Thanks to the hard work of Professor Keri Weaver, USC Aiken now has access to a wealth of both print and electronic categorized resources on Teaching and Learning. Once you enter the site, there are four tabs to choose from: Teaching and Learning Journals; EBooks at the Gregg-Graniteville Library; Teaching and Learning Journals in the Discipline, and; Books from the Gregg-Graniteville Library. The CTE, working in conjunction with the Library staff, will be continually updating this site with additional resources on teaching and learning.

Presentations: Visual Aids & Design

Universal Design for Learning (UDL)


  • Teaching in Higher Education
  • TED Talks Education
  • The Cult of Pedagogy
  • Hidden Brain
  • The Google Teacher Tribe
  • The Creative Classroom

Faculty Excellence in Teaching Award Presentations

Dr. Phillip Mason (2019-2020)

What Has Worked by Dr. Phillip Mason (PDF)

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Promoting, Supporting, and Enhancing Teaching and Learning Effectiveness

The mission of the Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) is to promote, support and enhance teaching and learning effectiveness at the University of South Carolina Aiken.

The Center for Teaching Excellence will focus on continuing to support traditional needs of instruction while serving as a catalyst of educational transformation assisting faculty in learning, developing, and implementing new forms of instruction as pedagogical theories, innovative practices, and new technologies evolve.

The Admissions staff at the University of South Carolina Aiken understands that the college selection process can be overwhelming. Our staff is dedicated and prepared to help you with information about the University and our admissions process.

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