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Undergraduate Admission

Office of Admissions

Freshman Admissions

Students who are first-year students.

Transfer Admissions

Students who have attended another college level institution and attempted one or more courses.

  • Transfer
    If you are transferring from another institution outside the USC campus system.
  • Readmit
    If you have missed a major semester (fall or spring) or more at USC Aiken or any other USC campus.
  • Change of Campus
    If you are currently enrolled at another USC campus.
  • Transient
    Students from other colleges or universities (outside the USC system) wishing to enroll at USC Aiken to take courses they plan to transfer back to their home institution are considered transient students.
  • Non-Degree Seeking
    If you are wishing to take a course(s) for personal enrichment or professional enhancement.

International Admissions

Students from a country other than the United States.

The Admissions staff at the University of South Carolina Aiken understands that the college selection process can be overwhelming. Our staff is dedicated and prepared to help you with information about the University and our admissions process.

Your enrollment counselor is your personal contact at USC Aiken. If you have a specific question, please feel free to contact him/her.

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