About Pacer Pathway

Students in Penland courtyard

The Pacer Pathway Program is an invitation-only, one year residential program offered jointly by the University of South Carolina Aiken and University of South Carolina Union. The Pathway provides first-time college students with structure and comprehensive support from both institutions; it offers affordability, access, academic support, and the eventual opportunity to enroll at USC Aiken. Pacer Pathway students enjoy great benefits while working to meet USC Aiken admissions requirements. Students will live on campus at USC Aiken while completing their first year of courses through USC Union.  All residences, courses, and activities are on the Aiken campus and Pathway students will have full access to all the benefits of being a USC Aiken student.

Pacer Pathway students will:

  • attend classes in USC Aiken academic facilities
  • live in USC Aiken Pacer Crossings residence hall
  • have a USC Aiken ID card
  • receive targeted academic advising and academic support services
  • have full use of all library, academic, recreational, and all facilities/services at USC Aiken
  • be eligible to play USC Aiken intramural sports and utilize USC Aiken's wellness center
  • obtain tickets to USC Aiken athletics, attend concerts and cultural events and much more!

Pacer Pathway extends from Fall 2019 through Spring 2020. Upon successful completion of this one year program, you will move seamlessly into the USC Aiken curriculum with full transfer credits.  To successfully complete the program, students must earn 30 transferable credit hours from USC Union and earn at least a 2.0+ GPA within the designated time frame. Students are required to live on campus at USC Aiken so that they benefit fully from the program.

For more information, contact the USC Aiken Office of Admissions at admit@usca.edu or 803-641-3366.

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