The Pacer Pathway Program is an invitation-only, one-year residential program offered jointly by the University of South Carolina Aiken and University of South Carolina Union. The Pathway provides first-time college students with structure and comprehensive support from both institutions; it offers affordability, access, academic support, and the eventual opportunity to enroll at USC Aiken. Pacer Pathway students enjoy great benefits while working to meet UofSC Aiken admissions requirements. Students will live on campus at UofSC Aiken while completing their first year of courses through USC Union.  All residences, courses, and activities are on the Aiken campus and Pathway students will have full access to all the benefits of being a UofSC Aiken student.

Pacer Pathway students will:

  • Attend classes in UofSC Aiken academic facilities
  • Live in UofSC Aiken Pacer Crossings residence hall
  • Have a UofSC Aiken ID card
  • Receive targeted academic advising and academic support services
  • Have full use of all library, academic, recreational, and all facilities/services at UofSC Aiken
  • Be eligible to play UofSC Aiken intramural sports and utilize USC Aiken's wellness center
  • Obtain tickets to UofSC Aiken athletics; attend concerts, cultural events, and much more!

Pacer Pathway extends from Fall 2021 through Spring 2022. Upon successful completion of this one-year program, you will move seamlessly into the UofSC Aiken curriculum with full transfer credits.  To successfully complete the program, students must earn 30 transferable credit hours from USC Union and earn at least a 2.0+ GPA within the designated time frame. Students are required to live on campus at UofSC Aiken so that they benefit fully from the program.

For more information, contact the UofSC Aiken Office of Admissions at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 803-641-3366.


Pacer Pathway is an invitation-only program for students to whom USC Aiken was not able to offer admission through our standard program, but we believe have academic potential.  Any student who applies to USC Aiken and qualifies for Pacer Pathway will be sent an invitation to join and the next steps required to enroll.

The Pacer Pathway Program extends for one year, from the fall through spring semester.  Each semester program students will be enrolled in academic courses specific to Pathway students. To successfully complete the program, students must earn 24 transferrable credit hours and earn at least a 2.0 GPA within the designated time frame.

Living on the USC Aiken campus is a requirement of the Pacer Pathway Program regardless of parent or student current residence.  This component of the program is key to student success.

Program Fees

Explanation of Fees and Expenses

  • Pacer Pathway Program fee: The program fee covers academic success programs, orientation, campus recreation, admission to athletic events and student activities provided by USC Aiken as well as all other operating costs for the program.
  • USC Aiken Residential fees:  Residential fees include on-campus housing and meal plan. The fee for housing includes a shared bedroom and shared bath in a furnished, four-bedroom apartment as well as utilities, cable and internet service.  This is the standard residential arrangement for all first-year students at USC Aiken.
  • USC Union tuition and fees: USC Union tuition and fees for the upcoming academic year will be set in early summer.  USC Union tuition and fees vary based on residency classification and the number of credit hours in which a student is enrolled.

Pacer Pathway Program Fees Estimate


Fall 2020

Spring 2021

Pacer Pathway Program Fee






Housing Fees



Meal Plan (19-Meals per week)



USC Union Tuition and Fees

$3,700 (in-state)
$8,800 (out-of-state)

$3,700 (in-state)
$8,800 (out-of-state)

**Fall semester fees include one-time application and enrollment fees. Advance deposit of $100 will be required for Fall 2020. The advanced deposit will be deducted from the Fall Semester Program Fee.

Financial Aid

During the first year of the program, students enrolled in Pacer Pathway will have their financial aid administered by Student Financial Services at USC Union. Pacer Pathway students should complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) ASAP. Please note the code for USC Union is 004927.  Please be sure to use the USC Union (not Aiken) code.

Visit or contact USC Union Financial Aid for additional information about student financial assistance.

Students who qualify for any state aid program, including the South Carolina LIFE Scholarship and Lottery Tuition Assistance or South Carolina need-based grants, are eligible for the award as a Pacer Pathway student. Please consult the Commission on Higher Education's website for specific rules outlining state financial aid program requirements.

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