Industrial Process Engineering

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About Engineering at USC Aiken

The Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Process Engineering is designed to prepare students with the technical knowledge and skills in engineering, mathematics, science and management to analyze and solve problems in today’s team-oriented work environment.

So that the Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Process Engineering will be career preparatory and current, numerous community partners have joined with the university for planning, support, and development of the new program.  The partners include Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, Savannah River National Laboratory, URS, Savannah River Remediation, Kimberly Clark, BAE Systems, MTU, and Bridgestone.  Graduates of the Engineering program will help meet the intellectual and employment needs of large and small companies throughout the region, the state, and the country.

Internship and Research Opportunities

Students will be provided multiple opportunities to apply knowledge and skills learned in the classroom and laboratory in real world settings.  Students will be prepared to oversee, develop, enhance, and design processes found in industry relating to people, products, economics, and knowledge.  Program graduates will have knowledge of the processes of industry from multiple viewpoints:  mechanical, manufacturing, and business. 

Career Opportunities

Industrial process engineering majors often pursue careers in engineering.

You can find more information about career options by visiting What Can I Do With This Major?

USC Aiken Career Services offers numerous resources which provide more information about career opportunities for students in this major.

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