Students presenting information (on a poster board) to the Provost

Faculty Awards

Academic Affairs

Excellence in Teaching Award

Dr. Melencia Johnson

Dr. Deborah McMurtrie 2021
Philip Mason, Ph.D. 2020
Dr. Nancy Stark 2019
Dr. Laura Swain 2018
Dr. Meredith Elzy 2017

Part-Time Faculty Teaching Excellence Award

Dr. Maureen Burgess

Kyle Williams, Ph.D. 2020
Prof. Barbara Laura 2019
Prof. William E. Kiesling 2018
Dr. Amanda Warren 2017

Excellence in Advisement Award

Dr. Deborah McMurtrie 2022
Dr. Jason Munsell 2021
Ellis Reeves 2020
Dr. Jeremy Culler 2019
Ms. Rebecca Barnwell 2018
Dr. Christopher DeWitt 2017

Scholarly Activity Award

Dr. Adam Pazda 2022
Dr. Andrew Geyer 2021
Titan Paul, Ph.D. 2020
Dr. Todd Hagstette 2019
Dr. Katie Smith 2018
Dr. Nathan Hancock 2017

Community Service Award

Dr. Melissa Martin 2022
Dr. Sanela Porća 2019
Dr. Paul Newsom 2018
Dr. Brian Parr 2017

University Service Award

Dr. Alexandra Roach 2022

Dr. Melencia Johnson

Sanela Porca, Ph.D.
Elizabeth Webb
Dr. Edward Callen 2019
Dr. Bridget Coleman 2018
Dr. Thayer McGahee 2017