Front Entrance of UofSC Aiken

Economic Impact

About UofSC Aiken

UofSC Aiken continues to establish stronger bonds with businesses and industries to develop new programs that respond to their needs as well as bring more expertise to our existing academic programs. In addition to the programs and opportunities at the University, our campus has a major economic impact on the community.

UofSC Aiken has an annual operating budget of approximately $60 million (FY 2015). Employment at the campus includes 320 permanent employees. Students receive in excess of $30 million each year in federal, state, and private aid funds.

In addition to that, the University of South Carolina Aiken and its alumni drive the state’s economy by pumping more than $350.7 million into the state’s economy every year (Darla Moore School of Business Economic Study, 2021). The breakdown of that figure is as follows:

  • $90 million for alumni impact (This represents the increased demand for goods and services that result from higher household incomes due to wage increases associated with attainment of college degrees.) 
  • $115.4 million for spillover effects (The number resulting when a larger percentage of the population has a degree. An educated populace leads to knowledge transfer, which results in increased productivity, which translates into higher wages.) 
  • $76 million in expenditure effects (The non-state-funded expenditures made by UofSC Aiken and the impact that it has on other businesses.) 
  • JOBS: 2,849 (The number of jobs in South Carolina directly and indirectly supported by UofSC Aiken.)

Some of UofSC Aiken's programs and initiatives include:

  • The UofSC Aiken Convocation Center, which is the largest gathering place in Aiken County, accommodating the University's graduation ceremonies and other major events as well as concerts and family shows for the community.

  • The Ruth Patrick Science Education Center, a cooperative effort with local industry that brings science and math educational programs to K-12 students and their teachers each year. Since its opening over 925,000 people have taken part in RPSEC programs.

  • The Wellness Center, a 25,000-square-foot facility, which provides fitness programs, including a senior exercise program and a cardiac rehabilitation program offered as a joint venture with Aiken Regional Medical Center.

  • The Etherredge Center for the Fine and Performing Arts, which provides cultural programming and reaches out specifically to children through children's symphony programs and an active children's theater.

  • The Center for Lifelong Learning, which offer classes and events tailored to the needs and interests of mature adults in the community who are committed to learning for a lifetime. Programs in these courses include opportunities for professional development, personal enrichment, online learning, and travel.