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Bing Han, PhD


COMM A190 Introduction to Communication
COMM A201 Interpersonal Communication
COMM A320 Research Methods in Communication
COMM A450 Intercultural Communication

I believe a teacher can never truly teach unless he or she is still learning. A good teacher is also a good learner and leader. As a teacher, my responsibility is not only to inform students, but also to inspire their desire to learn and equip them with necessary tools to acquire knowledge on their own.


PhD, Communication, University of Maryland, 2008


Han, B., & Cai, D. (2014). A Cross-Cultural Study of the Effect of Empathy on the Use of the Equity and Need Principles. Paper accepted for presentation at the annual conference of the National Communication Association, Chicago, IL.

Han, B., Luo, Y., & Huang, X. (2013). How important is interactional justice?: A cross-cultural investigation on organizational justice. Paper presented at the annual conference of the National Communication Association, Washington DC.