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Dr. William H. Jackson Ph.D.

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Courses Taught

Introductory Biology, Virology, Genetics, Cellular/Molecular Biology, and Immunology


Ph.D. (Immunology) Medical College of Georgia, 1995

Research Interests

I am interested in various aspects of gene therapy as a way to treat infectious diseases and those diseases that have a genetic origin. These interests have led me to the use of catalytic RNA (ribozymes) as a means of reducing HIV replication in infected cells; the use of retroviruses as delivery vehicles for therapeutic genes into host cells; and retroviral pseudotyping to target specific cells for the delivery of therapeutic genes.

Research Experiences

Dr. William Jackson's experience is in the use of viral vectors as delivery vehicles of therapeutic genes. He conducts research on the use of ribozymes and siRNAs to inhibit replication of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus - 1(HIV-1).