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Dr. Kelly Ann Gibson Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

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Science 207

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Physical Geology

Integrated Earth Science



Ph.D., Marine Geology and Geophyscis, University of Miami, 2012

Research Interests

As a paleoclimatologist and marine sedimentologist/geochemist, my interests lie in using sediment and microfossil geochemistry to explore rapid or major climate and environmental changes in the tropical and subtropical ocean. The tropics are the main source of heat and water vapor to the atmosphere, and play a major role in the hydrologic cycle and heat transfer between the ocean and atmosphere. Additionally, tropical upwelling zones account for much of the ocean’s primary productivity and thus are a key part of the global carbon cycle. Finally, well-preserved sediments and microfossils from tropical and subtropical regions (particularly high sedimentation-rate continental margin sites) provide key records for proxy calibration and refinement.