USC Aiken Policies and Procedures

University Policies are formal policies and procedures at the University of South Carolina Aiken that have campus-wide or system-wide application.

The University uses a standard policy format and a uniform review and approval process for University Policies to improve communication, promote administrative consistency and efficiency, and ensure compliance with pertinent state and federal laws as well as state and regional accreditation requirements.


Indexed by Administrative Division

AACAF                        Academic Affairs

AADV                          Advancement

ABUSF                        Business and Finance

ACEA                          Classified Employees Assembly

AENR                          Enrollment Services

AFCMN                       Facilities Management

AHR                            Human Resources

AIT                             Information Technology

ALESA                        Law Enforcement & Public Safety

ALIB                           Library Services

ASTAF                        Student Affairs

AUNIV                       University Administration