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Blackboard is an online platform where you can submit assignments and get feedback on your coursework.

Self-Service Carolina
Self Service Carolina (SSC) is the system students use to manage their personal information and perform many student-related transactions. As a student, you will use SSC to register for classes, view your class schedule, manage your financial aid, and pay tuition.

Student Email
Office 365 is now available to all current students!  If you haven't already downloaded your copy find out how to on the 365 Setup page. Email is part of your Office 365 account.

Academic Calendars

SemesterApplication Deadline
Spring 2019 December 1, 2018
Fall 2019 July 15, 2019

Fall 2018 Academic Calendar

1C- Fall I: August 27- October 17 1D- Fall II: October 22- December 12

August 27--Classes Begin

October 17--Classes End

August 29--Last day to drop/add

August 30--First day "W" assigned

September 21--Last day "W" assigned

September 22--First day "WF" assigned 

August 29-- Last day for 100% refund

August 31--Last day for 70% refund

September 3--Last day for 50% refund

September 8--Last day for 20% refund

October 22--Classes Begin

December 12--Classes End

October 24--Last day to drop/add

October 25--First day "W" assigned

November 16--Last day "W" assigned 

November 17--First day "WF" assigned

October 24--Last day for 100% refund

October 26-- Last day for 70% refund

October 29-- Last day for 50% refund

November 2--Last day for 20% refund

Spring 2019 Academic Calendar

Spring I: January 14- March 8 Spring II: March 18- May 10

January 14--Classes begin

March 8--Classes end

January 16--Last day to add

January 17--First day “W” assigned

February 9--Last day “W” assigned

February 10--First day “WF” assigned

January 16--Last day for 100% refund

January 18--Last day for 70% refund

January 22--Last day for 50% refund

January 27--last day for 20% refund

March 18--Classes begin

May 10--Classes end

March 20--Last day to add

March 21--First day “W” assigned

April 13--Last day “W” assigned

April 14--First day “WF” assigned

March 20--Last day for 100% refund

March 22--Last day for 70% refund

March 26--Last day for 50% refund

March 31--Last day for 20% refund