Why Live on Campus?

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Live in a Residence Hall, Not a Dormitory

A dormitory is merely a place to sleep and store your belongings. In the past, dorm mothers or fathers supervised dorms. This concept of on-campus living ended in the ‘60s! A residence hall, on the other hand, is a home. It is a place to live and learn. It is an important part of college life that will enhance the classroom experience. After all, students spend a great deal more time in the residence halls than they do anywhere else on campus.

The department of University Housing at the University of South Carolina Aiken (USC Aiken) is a complete environment where students can learn to interact with people, develop leadership skills, write papers, attend events and programs, make lifelong friends, and build long-lasting memories. Through educational programs and contact with faculty/staff members, residents can greatly enhance their learning experiences at USC Aiken.

Save Money by Living On-Campus

Your student’s room rental rate is locked in for the entire school year and includes internet service, cable, and utilities. University Housing fees are paid in a lump sum twice a year, so you don’t have to worry about monthly rent, utility bills, or a 12-month lease. Also, your housing rental rate is listed on your student account statement and can be covered by certain types of financial aid and scholarships if qualified.

  • Studies have proven that living on campus costs you less than living off campus
  • Apartments come fully furnished
  • You don’t have a monthly bill for rent
  • You don’t have to pay utilities; they’re included
  • It’s affordable
  • Save money on gas and / or transportation costs

Develop Leadership Skills

University Housing is a great environment to develop leadership skills. Research shows that living on campus at USC Aiken enhanced the following:

  • Diversity awareness 
  • Communication skills
  • Leadership abilities
  • Interpersonal relationships
  • Conflict Resolution 

Furthermore, students who live on-campus are more likely to participate in campus activities, are more involved with student organizations, and hold more leadership roles in student organizations than off-campus students.

Perks of Living at USC Aiken


  • Within walking distance of: Classes, Faculty / Staff offices, Library, Athletic & Campus events, and Dining
  • Easier to get to class on time! Save time and money; no commuting time, no gasoline expenses.
  • Easy access to sports games because all fields/gyms are nearby
  • Easy access to meals (The Station, Pacer Market, RFOC)
  • Easier to access professors during office hours
  • More opportunities to meet with tutors and study groups
  • Immediate access to campus offices when needed – for example, Registrar, Financial Aid, etc

Access to Amenities

  • Swimming pool, volleyball and basketball courts
  • On-site wellness center
  • Allocated study space in lounges, computer labs and classrooms
  • 24-hour access to computer lab
  • 24-hour assistance with problems
  • 24-hour onsite police coverage

Getting the "Full" College Experience

  • You are provided with more opportunities to get involved
  • Social events for on campus residents
  • The atmosphere provides a sense of community