Apply to be a Tutor

If you would like to work as an academic peer tutor, please download the application below. Save the file to your computer before completing the application. Do not fill out the form from within your web browser, as it may not save properly. The form is a fillable-PDF. We recommend saving the file with your name (e.g. MarySmith-application). Please be sure that the form saves your data after you close/reopen it. 

Tutor Application Form

After completing the application, please save and submit it via email to the address highlighted on the application.

To work as an academic tutor, you must: be a USCA student; have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher; have an A or B+ in the classes in which you would like to tutor; and we must receive two faculty recommendations for you. If a position is available, we will contact the faculty members listed on your application for their recommendations. There is no need for you to contact faculty for reference letters.

Please note that although we provide tutoring for many courses, we do not provide tutors for all courses. We focus on providing tutoring support for courses with high DFW rates at the 100 and 200 levels that have a high tutor-request-rate from students in those courses. Therefore, the courses/subjects for which you feel you could provide tutoring may not necessarily be courses for which we need support.

Courses/Subjects for which we often need additional support include:

  • Math
  • Sciences (biology-especially 121/122 & anatomy/physiology; chemistry-especially 111/112; physics, etc.)
  • English
  • Accounting/Finance/Economics
  • Languages (Spanish, French, & German)

If your application shows that you could successfully tutor in a course for which we need additional tutors, someone will contact you via the email and/or phone number you listed on your application.

If you have any questions, please call the Coordinator of Tutoring & Supplemental Instruction at 803-641-3795.