Dr. Theresa Ramos

Biology, 2008

Dr. Theresa N. Ramos (’08) earned her B.S. in Biology at USC Aiken and obtained her Ph.D. in Microbiology from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.  Since leaving USC Aiken, Dr. Ramos has had 17 peer-reviewed manuscripts published.   

Coming to USC Aiken as a transfer student, Theresa became involved in Greek Life becoming a sister of Alpha Omicron Pi.  During her tenure as a student at USCA, the tragic Virginia Tech shooting occurred.  Being deeply affected by this event, she along with the Student Life Office designed a USC Aiken banner that was signed by students and sent to Va. Tech to show support from the Pacer community.  With the encouragement of Dr. Harry Shealy she fondly remembers this as one her proudest moments at USC Aiken.

When commenting on “learning moments” during her time at USC Aiken, she responded by saying “spending time studying was healthy and important, but taking care of my mind and body was just as important”.  She credits Dr. Garriet Smith for teaching her that attention to detail was equal to enjoying the work that she does.

Dr. Ramos shared that a number of personal challenges impacted her journey in a negative way, and she had to work hard to prevent doubt from getting in the way of her dreams. By replacing doubt with confidence she was able to obtain her Ph.D., a goal once viewed as unattainable. In closing she stated that “we must realize that a happy life doesn’t come once we get the degree, or get married, or buy our dream house, but when we can appreciate where we have come and the journey that got us there.”