Executive Board


The Alumni Association:

 The USC Aiken Alumni Association serves all alumni of the University of South Carolina Aiken. The purpose of the association is to advance the best interests and well being of USC Aiken by engaging all alumni in the life of the institution through communication, programming, services, and volunteer opportunities.

The Alumni Executive Board:

The Alumni Executive Board of the USC Aiken Alumni Association is a group of 15 alumni who serve the association in a leadership role.  They have authority over the affairs of the USC Aiken Alumni Association and  partner with the Alumni Relations Office to further the goals and the mission of the University.  Board members serve on behalf of all alumni and serve two year terms..



  • Brandon Abbott, 2007, Business Management
  • Kathy Brantley, 2001, Communications
  • Jacob Cook, 2010, Business/Marketing
  • Joshua Cline, 2011, Business/Management
  • Tammy Davis, 2004, Communications
  • Carla Hayes, 1994, Business/Finance
  • Sandra Lubner Herlong, 1994, Biology
  • Kelby Heydt, 2010, Business/Management
  • Blake Leaphart, 2011, Business/Management
  • Christian Medders, 2016, Communication
  • Kristen Medlin, 2003, Business/Management
  • Ann Moseley, 2017 Sociology/Criminology
  • Monica Hall Phillips, 2001 Engineering
  • Jessica Warrick, 2012, Nursing
  • James Young, 2002, BIS/Business - Geology
  • Dana Zefting, 2005, Business/Marketing



  • President:  Jacob Cook, 2010, Business Administration
  • Vice President:  Kristen Medlin, 2003, Business/Management
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Kathy Brantley, 2001, Communications
  • Past President:  Jacob Cook, 2010, Business Administration
  • Fundraising Committee Chair: James Young, 2002, Business 
  • Student and Alumni Connections Committee Chair: TBD
  • Membership Development and Volunteerism Committee Chair: Tammy Davis, 2004, Communications
  • Young Alumni Committee Chair: TBD
  • Strategic Planning and Bylaws Committee Chair:  TBD

Ex-Officio Members:

  • Dr. Sandra Jordan, USCA Chancellor
  • Mary Driscoll, Vice Chancellor for University Advancement
  • Ahmed Samaha, Assistant Vice Chancellor of Student Life
  • Corey Feraldi, Director of Career Services
  • Randy Duckett, Director of Alumni Relations and Community Partnerships