Council Members






  • President:  Jacob Cook, 2010, Business Administration
  • Vice President:  Kristen Medlin, 2003, Business/Management
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Kathy Brantley, 2001, Communications
  • Past President:  Carl Henson, 1997, Business Administration
  • Fundraising Committee Chair: James Young, 2002, Business 
  • Student and Alumni Connections Committee Chair: Matt Torres, 2011, Exercise & Sports Science
  • Membership Development and Volunteerism Committee Chair: Tammy Davis, 2004, Communications
  • Young Alumni Committee Chair: Christen Engel, 2010, Business / Marketing,  Rachel Whaley, 2015, Early Childhood Education
  • Strategic Planning and Bylaws Committee Chair:  Jamie Addison, 2008, Business/Finance

Ex-Officio Members:

  • Dr. Sandra Jordan, USCA Chancellor
  • Mary Driscoll, Vice Chancellor for University Advancement
  • Ahmed Samaha, Assistant Vice Chancellor of Student Life
  • Corey Feraldi, Director of Career Services
  • Randy Duckett, Director of Alumni Relations and Community Partnerships